Production Design Products, Inc.
Converting Your Ideas Into Reality
Converting Your Ideas Into Reality

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PDPI Corporate

14161 Basalt St NW
Ramsey, MN 55303
Phone:  (763) 421-4260
Fax:  (763) 421-2158
Toll Free:  (800) 486-5249

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Contact Personnel

Administrative Issues: Ekpe Akpan  
CAD Design: Steve Haugen  
  Ron Clinton  
Contract Manufacturing: Kufre Akpan  
Customer Service: Cheryl Hennemann  
Engineering/Design: Kufre Akpan  
Products Sales:
Kufre Akpan (800) 486-5249
Technical Support: Steve Haugen   

Cheryl Hennemann
Cheryl Hennemann
Customer Service
(763) 421-4260

Technical Support

Technical Support: Steve Haugen 
Training DVDs: Easy Rolling With the High Roller II-S and EZ Roller Mat Rollers
To request a copy call (763) 421-4260 or toll free, (800) 486-5249, or email us at

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